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The Grandfather of ADR Artificial Disc Replacement

By Jim Rider

OK, so I have been called The Grandfather of ADR, but what does that mean? Sure it has been over 15 years since my own disc replacement surgery, but why the title Grandfather of ADR?

The Title should be Founder of one of the most successful Disc Replacement Medical Tourism Enterprises.

Grandfather of ADR
Artificial Disc offers state of the art technology and surgeons of the highest caliber for a wide range of spine procedures and are specialists at Disc Replacement.

After 15 years and thousands of disc replacement surgeries by my program I think that is appropriate!

And now the story…It all started in early 2002, I was watching the evening news and they ran a short piece on this FDA trial for something called Disc Replacement, What! Disc Replacement? What is that? I ran to the computer in the other room and did a Google search. Well it looked like they were recruiting for an FDA trial so I contacted the doctors office and waited to hear back. As I waited I continued searching and learned that Disc Replacement had been invented in Germany. It all started at The Charite Hospital in Berlin and they had been doing this for years!

Soon I was in touch with the study clinic staff and asking questions about the trial. Well it seems the trial was a random study, this means I could get fusion! No, I don’t want a fusion! Sorry no go then. I contacted another clinic, well they could do a Disc Replacement but after much drilling in and asking questions it looked like I would be paying out of pocket and it would likely be over 70 Thousand, no guarantees of that!

Dejected I went back to dealing with my pain, but wait, what about Germany? So I went on a mission to locate this Charite Hospital and the surgeons there. I sent emails off to any email address I could find that had anything to do with this hospital. Many emails, and waited, and waited. Then one day I get an email “We can do your surgery”! Send x-rays, OK. As it turns out the surgery would only be about 25 Thousand and be done by Dr. Ritter-Lang a top Disc Replacement surgeon from the Charite Hospital. Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang had done thousands! The doctors I was talking to in the US had done about 10.

So about a year after hearing about Disc Replacement on the news I was off to see Dr. Ritter-Lang in Germany for my surgery.

For now let’s just leave it at “It was a great success!”

Upon returning home from Disc Replacement in Germany I found that I could once again sit and use a computer. I had always wanted to learn how to make websites and the Germans had offered to compensate me for any other Americans I sent to them so hey what the heck, I made my first website and posted my story there. It was called Stenum and Back, The hospital was called Fachklinik für Orthopädie  – STENUM so I nicknamed it Stenum Hospital for short, a name that has stuck and the place is now world known as Stenum Hospital.

It wasn’t long before someone saw my story, contacted me and sent their x-rays and off they went for surgery. Soon afterwards I got my first commission. Well a friend of mine after hearing about my success showed me how to invest this money into Google Adwords. It worked! Soon I was sending patients each month, quit my day job,  making new websites and marketing Disc Replacement Surgery to the world.

Over the years my relationship with Dr. Ritter-Lang and Stenum Hospital has grown and I have spent many hours discussing the challenges of Disc Replacement, the products, and the outcomes with my friend and surgeon. Dr. Ritter-Lang and I visited the company headquarters of Spinal Kinetics some years back to take a look at a breakthrough Disc Replacement product called The Spinal Kinetics M6. This product was still in development and we were impressed by its ability to replicate the motion of a human disc. Dr. Ritter-Lang became the first surgeon to use The Spinal Kinetics M6 and we have worked hand in hand to promote this natural motion disc replacement product worldwide.

My efforts have not gone unnoticed and now many clinics are using my business model to sell Disc Replacement Surgery. Disc Replacement products have been approved for use in the US and after 15 years, having helped thousands of patients get Disc Replacement, I am still the top promoter of Disc Replacement worldwide.

My websites,,,, and many others take thousands of hits a month and continue to educate people about Disc Replacement Surgery. OK so Grandfather of ADR? Why not?

OH and I wrote The Book on Disc Replacement! Click here > >