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Disc Replacement Insurance Process

As Disc Replacement becomes accepted worldwide insurance coverage for disc replacement is not a rare occurance.
The process for disc replacement insurance coverage varies greatly depending on your insurance carrier and insurance plan.
Our staff can help you understand the process and help with getting forms completed, signed and submitted.

For Blue Cross patients the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global website is your best resource.

Dave - 'Great news for Disc Replacement patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. My surgery was February 23, 2017. My insurance claim has been processed, approved and we have been reimbursed. What a great day! My back feels great and for the first time in over five years I was able to plant a garden and I can tend to it with no pain!"
Read about Dave’s Disc Replacement Insurance Coverage Success > >

The BCBS Process
BCBS International Claim Form
Blue Shield Insurance Card
Letter of Surgical decision – Medical necessity (Provided by our team)
Receipt (Provided by our team upon being discharged)
Letter of Medical report and surgery protocol (Provided by our team upon being discharged)

BCBS has now shown a history of providing reimbursement for surgery in Europe for ADR

Before Disc Replacement Surgery, obtain insurance pre-approval for Disc Replacement.

Before or after your surgery, objectively evaluate your case in terms of insurance coverage likelihood.
Before or after your surgery, conduct a thorough review of your insurance policy language, medical procedure codes, surgical reports, physician’s notes, previous denials, etc.
If you have already been denied coverage, we act as your advocate in confronting coverage denials with your insurer, including exposing errors, inconsistencies, and obsolete information in denial and policy language, and if necessary, you can initiate a bad faith litigation.
For pre-operative patients, we can help obtain insurance pre-approval for Disc Replacement