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Your Disc Replacement Support Team - Yes we all had Disc Replacement with Dr. Rittter-Lang!

Jim | Patient Consultant | Disc Replacement L4-5 | April 2003
After years of suffering, I avoided fusion, discovered Disc Replacement, went to Dr. Ritter-Lang and had a wonderful experience.
"Dr. Ritter-Lang gave me a solution that I was not being offered by my doctors in the US"
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Jim is now your Patient Consultant for Disc Replacement
Call him at 209-888-1551, pacific time or contact at

Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement- Jim

Colleen | Case Manager | Lumbar Disc Replacement L5-S1 L4-5 | January 2008
I would love to tell you more about my experience and provide you with any information that could help you take your life back from back pain.
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Lumbar Disc Replacement

Dana Gentry | Case Manager | Lumbar Disc Replacement L4/5 - L5/S1 | April 2009
Hello my name is Dana Gentry. I am a case manager for, and happy to say I am a patient of, Dr. Ritter-Lang! I have never felt so proud to be a patient of any doctor as much as I am for the man that brought my active lifestyle back to me. 
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Judy Neudorf | Case Manager | Disc Replacement L5-S1 C5-6 C6-7 | July 2014
My life had become constant pain and painkillers daily. For 12 years I suffered from severe pain in my lower back and sharp shooting pain down my legs, and 18 years of headaches and numbness down my arms. My local doctors could offer no hope, saying I would eventually be in a wheelchair. As a 35 year old wife and mother to our 5 beautiful children, my husband and I started searching elsewhere for help. Thankfully we heard about Dr. Ritter-Lang, who kindly performed a life-changing surgery on me. My life was back! My debilitating pain disappeared. I love to tell my story and help anybody who has suffered from back and neck pain. There is hope! Thankyou Dr. Ritter-Lang and team for giving me a new life without pain.

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Lumbar Disc Replacement
Disc Replacement July 2014