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Disc Replacement Specialty Team

Our surgeons have the experience and the skills required for complex multi-level lumbar and cervical disc replacement surgeries and other advanced spine solutions.

Why choose our team?

This team has been placing hundreds of Disc Replacement implants a year for over 15 years!

Disc Replacement Surgeons

We are specialists in the field of disc replacement, especially in the field of multi-level spinal intervention and abdominal access surgery. With over 30 years of experience our team has performed over 8,000 spine surgeries surgeries, of which over 6000 were spinal column reconstructions and have done over 4,000 Disc Replacement procedures using a wide range of implants both cervical and lumbar.

Surgeons on our team were involved in the introduction of Disc Replacement as an advanced spine solution since its beginnings over 30 years ago and have been doing M6 Disc Replacement longer than any surgical team in the world.

If you are looking for an elite group of the most experienced Disc Replacement surgeons in the world, that have dedicated their careers to the sub-specialty of Disc Replacement we are your team!

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