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Thank you for contacting Dr. Ritter-Lang's Team - We have your information.

If you are you suffering from degenerated discs, bulging discs or ruptured discs,
we can help you.

Are you aware that leaving your home country will open the door to
Advanced Disc Replacement options not offered locally?

Our Free Evaluation will open your eyes to these options.

Why is our Advanced Disc Replacement better?
Disc Replacement was invented in Germany back in the mid-1980s. Since then Disc Replacement has evolved greatly and now, we have advanced viso-elastic disc replacement cores that accurately mimic the human disc, these implants offer improved safety and motion control not possible with early designs.

Unfortunately, not all surgeons and not all countries have access to these advanced implants.

Why Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang?
Following his medical studies at The Humboldt University in Berlin (1985-1991), Dr. Ritter-Lang worked for the inventors of the first Artificial Disc Replacement (Katrin Buttner-Janz and Kurt Schellnack).
This first Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement procedure was completed in Germany by Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang. Dr. Ritter-Lang has performed almost 10,000 spinal column reconstruction surgeries and has done over 6,000 Disc Replacement procedures using a wide range of implants both cervical and lumbar.

By choosing Dr. Ritter-Lang you will have access to advanced international options you would not likely find elsewhere.

We are assigning your personal case manager. Our International Case Managers are former patients of ours who are ready to assist you. As former patients they personally understand the process of dealing with pain and searching for the best possible solution to your needs.

To get started on your Free Evaluation you will need your MRI and X-Ray files.
Below you will find instructions on gathering and preparing your files and images.
Then you will utilize our secure file server to upload and submit all your records.
All records (MRI, X-rays and a completed patient questionnaire or patient data sheets) should be submitted at the same time.
We will be asking you to complete this comprehensive questionnaire to develop your medical history and current condition. You will get a link to this form soon from your case manager.

Let’s get started!

First,  Gather your Films and Records
MRI Studies:
 The actual image files must be submitted, not just a radiology report.  If submitting a disc of images, please send only the DICOM files, but include ALL the DICOM files. 

X-ray Images:  Four views (AP/Lateral/Flexion/Extension)

Any images or films submitted should be recent, within the last 12 months.
If you want a consultation regarding more than one part of the spine (e.g. lumbar AND cervical) include films and separate data sheets for each.

Prepare For Upload
Create a new folder on your computer with your name as the title.
You will put the all files the we need into this main folder as we proceed.

Your case manager will contact you soon to provide the file upload link and further assistance.

MRI CD: Take the “Dicom” folder on your MRI CD and save this folder as an additional new folder, then, remane it appropriately “MRI from “date”.
Repeat this process for any MRI or other image studies we may need.
Now drop these new folders into your main folder that has your name as the title.

Zip Folders: Copy any Zip Folders you have right into the main folder.

You will also place your completed Patient Data Sheet into this master folder.
Your Case manager will be providing the link to your Patient Data Sheet and instructions for this as well.

When all the files are ready you will compress the folder, click send to - compressed folder.
This creates a Zip folder.

If you need more help understanding all this stuff we have some helpful videos you can watch.
Helpful Videos > >

Soon you will receive emails and calls from your assigned case manager.

Meet Our Team > >

If you would prefer sending a hard copies or CDs of your data please ship it to us directly at:

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 8c
 Berlin Germany 10999
+49(0) 30-400-486-06

Please put a $1 value on the customs form to prevent delays and also please send us the tracking number.

When a surgeon has all the latest medical advancements to work with, and a vast amount of experience with these advancements, the surgical solution he can offer you will have the best chance for complete success.

You deserve this kind of solution!