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Disc Replacement Steve


BCBS, I want to thank you for depositing my surgery reimbursement money into my account today.

I submitted the following and never received a call from BCBS asking for additional information on my claim:
Page #1, BCBS International Claim Form
Page #2, Blue Shield of CA Insurance Card
Page #3-4, Letter of Surgical decision – Medical necessity (Provided by Enande)
Page #5-6, Receipt (Provided by Enande upon being discharged)
Page #7-8, Letter of Medical report and surgery protocol (Provided by Enande upon being discharged)

BCBS has now shown a history of providing reimbursement for surgery in Europe for ADR’s. I submitted my International Claim Form on 07/09/2017 and received the money today. It took just over 8 weeks to complete the process.