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Cervical Disc Replacement

Spinal Kinetics M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement

The Spinal Kinetics M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement offers a “Quality of Motion” that is not present in any other implant we have seen!

Unlike early Disc Replacement designs, the Spinal Kinetics M6 Lumbar artificial disc is designed to replicate the structure and performance of a natural disc. Its innovative design incorporates an artificial nucleus to allow shock absorption and a woven fiber annulus for graded variable motion resistance in all directions.

Quality of Motion

These characteristics accurately replicate the natural disc, allowing the implant to work in concert with the remaining human discs. Unlike earlier “ball-in-socket” implants, with the M6 disc replacement the resulting natural functionality of the entire spinal curve will provide the best chance for a full recovery. In addition, future complications will be eliminated by reducing adjacent level degeneration and strain on the muscles and ligaments.

Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement

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